Parking Services for Roanoke, VA

Meter Pilot



Roanoke, VA (July 11, 2017) – PARK Roanoke, in conjunction with The City of Roanoke, today announced the new Downtown on-street metered parking pilot program will commence on Monday, July 24th at 8:00 am EST. The pilot program will remain in effect for approximately 90 days.

The mission of PARK Roanoke’s on-street metered parking program is to promote the vitality of Downtown Roanoke and its Central Business District as well as to provide the citizens of Roanoke the shared opportunity to access accessible Downtown parking. The program will drive vehicle turnover, which translates to increased parking availability and ultimately an increase in the total volume of patrons to Downtown.

The pilot program will be limited to 65 parking spaces — or about 4.5% — of Downtown Roanoke’s current 1,400 on-street parking spaces. The 65 parking spaces will be separated into three designated pilot zones, all located within the 1st block Salem Avenue SE, 100 block Wall Street SE and 100 block Market Street SE around the City Market Building, 1st block Market Street SE and 1st block Franklin Road SE.

Patrons will register and pay for their on-street parking at one of seven new, multi-space smart meters. To register and pay for on-street parking, patrons will enter their vehicle’s license plate number at one of the seven multi-space smart meters and can submit payment to the smart meter with bankcards, US coins or the mobile application Whoosh!.

  • Paid parking rates and increments are as follows:
  • First hour: FREE   $0.00 (patron must still register their vehicle’s license plate number at smart meter)
  • Second hour: $1.00
  • Third hour: $3.00
  • Maximum time in a zone: Three hours    Payment for three hours $4.00.

Meter locations are as follows:

  • Zone A
    • Meter #1 (Zone A): 100 Block Wall Street SE, SW Side
    • Meter #2 (Zone A): 100 Block Market Street SE, NE Side
  •  Zone B
    • Meter #3 (Zone B): 1st Block Market Street SE (Short Market), SW Side
    • Meter #4 (Zone B): 1st Block Salem Avenue SE
  • Zone C
    • Meter #5 (Zone C): 1st Block Franklin Road SE, South Side
    • Meter #6 (Zone C): 1st Block Franklin Road SE, North Side
    • Meter #7 (Zone C): 1st Block Franklin Road SE, North Side

After the first three hours, vehicle may be moved to another zone for an additional three hour period but cannot return to original zone for three hours. The smart meters will be enforced Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with no weekend enforcement. No disabled parking spaces will be affected by the pilot program; however, the rates and increments within the pilot program will apply to all parkers, including those with disabled placards or plates (should they choose to park within pilot area).

For more information about PARK Roanoke, please visit