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PARK Roanoke Offers Snow Removal Information for Parking Facilities

Roanoke, VA – PARK Roanoke offices and operations will be closed on Friday, Jan. 22, and Saturday, Jan. 23, due to the expected snow impact. PARK Roanoke maintenance teams will be working to clear and remove snow from lots, garage entrances/exits, and garage rooftops throughout the weekend.

PARK Roanoke will raise the entrance gates to all Park Roanoke garages at 9 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 21. We encourage individuals that park on the street to park in one of our garages to help enable city crews to access downtown streets.

The largest number of off-street parking spaces are available in the Church Avenue Garage, 121 Church Ave., Tower Garage, 10 Jefferson St. or Elmwood Garage on Williamson Road. There is no fee if you enter these garages after 9 p.m. on Thursday.

Please make sure that parkers who are not paid monthly parkers in the garage selected, remove these vehicles prior to our operational opening at 8 a.m. Monday morning, Jan. 25. We hope you take advantage of our parking system in this way and stay safe throughout the weekend.

You may reach PARK Roanoke at 540-343-0585 or .
E-mail is preferred during non-business hours.