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Downtown Sign Changes

PARK Roanoke

This is an example of the new sign Monday through Friday and 8 to 5.

Since early 2013, Parking Services along with the Transportation Division have been systematically evaluating downtown on-street parking signage.  The goals are simple:  1) to bring consistency to parking signs by setting Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. as a standard; 2) to re-evaluate time restrictions and loading zones; and, 3) to improve the downtown parking experience.

In some areas, signs were removed to create unrestricted parking.  In other areas, signs that no longer made sense were changed because the business use had changed.   Throughout the entire project approximately 75 new on-street parking spaces were added.

To accomplish these changes in a coordinated fashion, the downtown area was divided in to five different phases.   As of Spring 2014, the team has completed its work on four of those phases and is now working in the core of the downtown area, identified as Phase 5.  This area encompasses Second Street to Williamson Road and Norfolk Avenue to Elm Avenue.

While this work has been on-going, the team has taken care to document the sign changes to that it can be listed on-line on the City’s GIS mapping at a future date.  As the City explores the use of pricing strategies to better manage the on-street parking supply, consistent signage along with increasing time limits creates better parking experience for those who work, visit, live, and shop downtown.

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