Parking Services for Roanoke, VA

Residential Parking

PARK Roanoke’s Residential Parking Programs enhance parking opportunities for residents of Roanoke’s Residential Signneighborhoods and provide residents with reasonable access to their neighborhoods located in close proximity to commercial areas of the city. Two types of residential parking programs are offered:

1) Residential On-Street Permit Parking Programs:

A) Downtown Service District On-Street Residential Permit Parking. This program provides for extended timed parking in select timed zones indicated indicated by “DT-1” on the signs and as listed on this Downtown MAP for Permit Parking for downtown residents. This only applies to the residents of the downtown service district. To sign up, residents must complete the  Residential On-Street Parking Application and Agreement or  contact PARK Roanoke at (540) 343-0585 for more information.

B) Residential Neighborhood On-Street Permit Parking: This  Program allows neighborhoods to petition the City of Roanoke to restrict parking in their neighborhoods through a permit program. For more information contact Streets & Traffic at (540) 853-2676.

New residents moving into a designated permit neighborhood may complete this Residential On-Street Parking Application and Agreement or call PARK Roanoke with questions or for more information.

View of Downtown & Tower GarageThe Code of the City of Roanoke Section 20-77  regarding both the Downtown Service District On-Street Residential Permit Parking and the Residential Neighborhood On-Street Permit Parking sets forth an annual $5.00 charge for a decal per vehicle as well as various terms and conditions.

2. Downtown Service District Residential Off-Street Parking Program:

This program provides residents of the Downtown District with off-street parking in selected PARK Roanoke garages and lots. Qualified residents receive a discounted rate for monthly parking. To sign up, complete the  Residential Permit Application & Agreement and Checklist of Required Documents.

For more information, contact PARK Roanoke at (540) 343-0585  or email us at