Parking Services for Roanoke, VA

City to Resume Parking Enforcement

With the recent increase in business activity in downtown and elsewhere in the City and based upon the requests of merchants and property owners in an effort to ensure turnover and availability of on-street parking, the City of Roanoke is announcing that enforcement of on-street parking regulations will resume for City streets beginning Monday, Oct. 19. In addition, the Center in the Square and Tower parking garages will return to normal operating hours and fee schedules on Monday, Oct. 19.

Due to the Governor’s Stay-At-Home and Safer-At-Home Executive Orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, enforcement of regulations for on-street parking was suspended temporarily, and hours and rates were temporarily changed for Center in the Square and Tower parking garages. With recent relaxing of COVID-related restrictions and an increase in business activities it has become necessary to take additional steps to ensure the availability of on-street parking.

Citizens, as well as those who do business and work in the City, are asked to be aware of this change as they park on City streets and in City garages.

In recognition of how business practices have changed in response to COVID-19, the City has worked with local restaurants and businesses in the downtown area, along with DRI to designate 16 curbside pickup locations creating a total of 30 spots for patrons to use. Signage will be erected to mark these locations, and there will be a 15-minute time limit. Please see below for a map showing these curbside locations. Parking enforcement will be monitoring the designated curbside pickup locations.