Parking Services for Roanoke, VA

Parking & Our Community

SOTC greenway runnersParking is more than just streets and garages filled with automobiles. It’s also about reducing travel times and traffic congestion emissions and making our community a healthier and safer place to visit, live, and work. Mobility encompasses not only parking but also bicycling, walking, wayfinding, and public transportation. The City of Roanoke was awarded a Bronze status as a Bicycle Friendly Community in 2012. The city’s expanding greenways and off-road trails, as well as its bicycling events are making Roanoke the best outdoor city on the East Coast! For more information, visit Roanoke’s Greenways and Roanoke Outside.

To support bicycling as a viable choice for downtown business commutes and for frequenting downtown stores and restaurants, PARK Roanoke has added parking for bicycles in its seven public parking garages. Cyclists may park their bikes at no charge in the covered secured parking areas.

Fix-It Station and Mural

Fix-It Station and Mural

In addition, Norfolk Southern working with Ride Solutions has contributed a “Fix It Station” installed in the Market Garage at 25 Church Avenue where riders can stop and make repairs or adjustments to bikes. The benefits of choosing to bicycle for transportation include not only the physical exercise, but saving money on gas and reducing vehicle emissions. To increase bicycle safety, the city has installed shared lane markings on a number of streets. These improvements continue to enhance Downtown Roanoke’s growing reputation as the region’s most accessible business destination for alternative transportation.

Whether carpooling, taking the trolley or riding Valley Metro buses, there are many alternatives.   For more information, call PARK Roanoke at 540-343-0585 or email us at   [email protected]