Parking Services for Roanoke, VA


It’s always a good idea to consider safety when parking on-street or off-street in private or public lots and garages. Many public garages and lots are located in convenient places making it easy to park, shop, dine, and to enjoy the amenities offered in the City of Roanoke. Some simple tips will help to keep your visit safe and accident free.

  • Identify entrances and exits when entering a parking garage or surface lot.
  • Park your vehicle as close to your destination as possible and in a well lighted space. Stay away from dimly lit locations and areas with heavy tree or brush cover. Try to have a good line of sight all around your vehicle.
  • Lock the vehicle and close all windows including your sunroof after parking your vehicle.
  • Periodically return to your vehicle to check on it, especially when parking for a long time period.
  • Store packages in the trunk of your vehicle or if you do not have one, place items out of plain view (the floorboard or under a blanket, clothes, etc.)
  • Never leave a purse, wallet or electronic equipment visible within your vehicle. Store such items or electronic equipment in the trunk.Campbell Garage
  • When returning to your vehicle, have your keys in hand and be ready to open the door.
  • Avoid activities such as looking for car keys, talking or texting on a cellular telephone, and juggling packages while walking to your vehicle, whether parked on-street, in a garage or on a surface lot.
  • Stay alert and do not allow yourself to become distracted, especially when loading items into or out of your vehicle or when assisting infants and children into safety seats.
  • Do not leave a cellular telephone plugged into the cigarette lighter or charger or in plain view.
  • If you are approached and feel threatened, get into your vehicle and lock the doors until the area is clear. If someone is loitering near you, drive away.
  • Most malls and shopping centers have uniformed security guards both inside and outside for your safety. Trust your instinct. If you spot suspicious activity or feel nervous, return to the mall or store and ask for a security officer to escort you to your vehicle.
  • Before entering your vehicle, carefully check the front and rear seats and floors for anyone who may be hiding there.
  • Always lock your doors immediately after entering your vehicle.
  • Report any suspicious activity to security.
  • When looking for a parking space, proceed with caution as garages may have tight turns. Be sure to watch out for other vehicles as well as pedestrians. When navigating in a garage, keep your parking lights on as they will increase visibility and watch out for vehicles backing up.
  • Don’t hold up traffic waiting for a space in a busy garage.
  • It is also important to never double park. Double parking can cause door dings or a parking violation ticket to be written. In the worst case, your vehicle may be scraped if another vehicle tries to squeeze into the next space. The time you save by double parking is not worth the extra cost of damage to your vehicle or the cost of a ticket for a parking violation.

Following these simple tips will help to ensure your safety and prevent your vehicle from unnecessary accidents.  Here is a downloadable Park Roanoke Safety Tips 2014 brochure.

Roanoke Police DepartmentFor additional information on Vehicle Safety and Crime Prevention, please contact: Roanoke Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit
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Roanoke, VA 24016
(540) 853-2132
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To report any Non-Emergency Safety Hazards in a City Garage or Surface Parking Lot contact: PARK Roanoke
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Email: [email protected]