Parking Services for Roanoke, VA

Business of Parking

“Driving Business”Gainsboro Garage downtown view

Compact downtown districts such as those found in downtown Roanoke offer their own set of rewards and challenges to localities that are engaged in their revitalization. Roanoke is no exception and the city has not been shy in embracing the role of parking in support of business success. As a part of the mix for success, PARK Roanoke contributes a monthly column in the “BIZ News” publication under the byline “Driving Business.” The goal is simple…… share information, raise awareness, discuss programs, plans and commentary about parking as well as its role and function in the development of a vibrant and healthy downtown.

Interestingly enough, parking is really not about cars, it is about people. We will share the various parking programs PARK Roanoke offers and seek input on ideas for improvement. We will not be shy about how we do business and what it means to you as a patron, a visitor or a stakeholder. We will discuss catalyst projects and how connecting the dot makes for a richer downtown experience. Look for us in each month’s edition of Biz News. 

Contact PARK Roanoke  at (540) 343-0585 for more information.