Parking Services for Roanoke, VA

Court Appeal

City of Roanoke Courthouse

City of Roanoke Courthouse

 Following an administrative review,  parking citations may be appealed to General District Traffic Court provided not more than 30 days have lapsed since the issuance date of the original ticket.  

To appeal a parking citation in court, a witness subpoena will need to be issued and sent to the court to be served.   The subpoena will notify you of the date and time of the court hearing.   Therefore, certain information will need to be provided in order for the office to complete the witness subpoena.  

Also, please be advised that if a parking citation is appealed in court and a guilty verdict is rendered, court costs may be added increasing the total amount due. Citations older than 30 days may not be appealed to court.   Note: A witness subpoena will be issued to the legal owner of the vehicle even if a driver other than the owner received the ticket.

Information for tracking court cases or finding out your court date may be found on-line.

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