Parking Services for Roanoke, VA

Disabled Parking FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:disabled placard

Q. What is the fine or penalty for parking in a disabled zone improperly?  The fine is $125 for a violation of Section 20-76. The State Code sets forth a minimum penalty of $125 up to $500, for parking illegally in a disabled space.

Q. Why did I receive a $25 fine for Improper Placard Display?  Section 20-76 of the Code of the City of Roanoke sets forth a fine of $25 for parking in a disabled zone without proper display of a placard from a rear view mirror. If there is no rear view mirror on the vehicle, then the placard may be displayed on the dashboard.

Q. I have hang-tag, but it’s worn out and would not stay on the rear view mirror. Why did I receive a ticket?  It is each person’s responsibility to ensure that their disabled parking placard will hang properly from the rear view mirror. Drivers are responsible for replacing any worm or damaged placards as well as ensuring that the placard hangs from the rear view mirror.  Contact the Virginia DMV for more information.

Q. My vehicle has an unusually large rear view mirror and the hang tag will not work? Is it Ok to place it on the dashboard?  The DMV regulations, the State Code, and the City Code all specify that the placard must hang from the rear view mirror. Depending on the situation, an option may be to obtain disabled license plates.  Additionally, many companies sell plastic sleeves and accessories to assist in hanging the placard from the rear view mirror.

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