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Parking Citation FAQS

How many days do I have to pay an on-street parking citation?

  • Parking citations should be paid within 15 calendar days of the citation issuance date. This 15 day period includes weekends and holidays.

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  • Payments made after 15 calendar days of the citation issuance date will incur a late payment penalty along with other administrative fees.
  • Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, credit or debit card or electronic check.

How long can I park with the disabled placard?

  • There is no limit on the length of time for parking in disabled parking zones or at disabled parking signs.
  • The disabled placard must be properly displayed and hung from the rear view mirror. Do not display the wallet card.
  • Parking is never allowed in restricted areas, fire lanes, no parking or no stopping/standing zones.
  • There is a four hour time limit for parking in a timed zone with a properly displayed disabled placard or disabled license plate in timed zones only.  This does not apply to Loading Zones and does not apply to metered zones or areas with paystations.
  • Warning Citations are never issued for disabled zone parking violations.
  • The Disabled Parking Informational Brochure provides more information about the proper display of Disabled Parking Placards.

How do I appeal a parking citation?

  • Generally, parking citations are appealed through an administrative process as a first step.
  • After the Administrative Review, a parking citation may be appealed through the court system provided it is within 60 calendar days of citation issuance.   Contact PARK Roanoke at (540) 343-0585. You will be asked to furnish your name and address, telephone number, citation number, and date of issuance. A witness subpoena will be issued and sent to General District Court to be served. The subpoena will notify you of the date and time of the court hearing.  Please be advised that if a parking citation is appealed in court and if you are found guilty, court costs may be added increasing the amount due. Remember, citations may not appealed after 30 days from the date of citation issuance.
  • If you have a valid disabled decal and receive a parking citation for parking in a disabled zone, you may ask for an administrative review by contacting PARK Roanoke at (540) 343-0585 or you may choose to schedule a court hearing.
  • PARK Roanoke will gladly review any issues concerning a citation you may wish to appeal. Please complete and mail the Citation Appeal Form  within 10 calendar days of the date of the citation stating the citation number, your name, telephone number, and address as well as reasons why you feel the citation was issued in error. We will review the information and work to resolve the matter,  usually within 3 – 5 business days. Or you may complete an On-Line Appeal form which will submit your appeal electronically to our office.

I just moved my vehicle forward a few spaces,  why did I receive a citation? 

  • The Code of the City of Roanoke states that no person shall permit a vehicle or motorcycle to be parked for a time period longer than specified on regulatory traffic signs without moving the vehicle a minimum of 500 feet from the parking space or zone, AND vacating the original parking space or zone for 2 hours before re-parking in the same zone. This helps keep short term parking available for everyone and this encourages turnover.  For long term parking in excess of the posted time, we recommend finding off-street parking in nearby garages and lots.   Different rules apply for parking in a metered space –  See meter for rates and regulations.
  • On-street parking is without question the most valuable asset in any downtown parking system. However, on-street spaces are a limited resource and as such, the goal of managing these spaces is to assure that the spaces turnover as many times a day as possible so that the maximum number of visitors can use them.  Downtown businesses depend on this turnover.   On-Street parking is the most visible asset and should offer the most convenient parking available.  It’s most important function is to provide convenient and quick access to downtown businesses.

Are  parking citations issued on private property?

  • Parking Citations may be written for illegal parking such as vehicular trespassing, parking on sidewalks, fire lane or a disabled zone violation on private property, including Shopping Malls or at major retail stores or even at other types of businesses or offices.
Downtown Roanoke Street Scene

Downtown Roanoke Street Scene

Are citations issued on weekends and holidays?

  • Timed Zones and Loading Zones are not enforced on weekends or on certain holidays. This means that you may park for an unlimited amount of time at a 30 minute, 1 hour or 2 hour parking sign on weekends or on certain holidays.
  • No Parking Zones, Fire Lanes, Disabled or Handicapped Parking Zones, and Restricted Parking Zones are always enforced. Violators of parking regulations in these zones or lanes will receive citations on  holidays or weekends.  See Enforcement Times

Why aren’t curbs painted to indicate where someone can park legally or not?

  • The City of Roanoke does not paint curbs for many reasons. For starters, the Code of the City of Roanoke does not allow the painting of curbs. In addition, it is very costly and labor intensive to paint and to maintain curbs. Painting curbs can also become an eyesore as the paint wears off or becomes faded. Further, paint would have to be removed or covered up when parking is changed in that area. It is best to read the signs and to abide by some simple rules so that painting is not necessary.  For example, always leave about a little more than a car length between your vehicle and the edge of a driveway or an intersection. This provides ample room for a vehicle to make a turn in a safe manner.

Can the penalty for paying a parking citation late be waived?

  • Penalties may be waived only under extreme circumstances, such as a postal delay or an emergency. However, waiving the penalty is rare. It is the responsibility of the violator to pay on or before the 15th calendar day following the issuance of the citation to avoid the $15.00 late payment penalty.
  • The registered owner of a vehicle is held responsible for parking violations resulting from that vehicle.

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    View of Downtown Roanoke from Mill Mountain

What  fees may apply to unpaid parking citations?

  • A late payment penalty of $15 applies to citations not paid within 15 calendar days of the citation issuance date.
  • An Administrative Collection Fee of $30 may apply for citations remaining unpaid after 60 days.
  • Court Costs may also apply if a citation is appealed through the court system.
  • A Set-Off Debt Collection fee of $25 may also apply for unpaid citations submitted for this collection action.
  • If a vehicle is booted or immobilized for unpaid parking citations, a $25 Boot Removal Fee will apply.
  • There is a $25 Vehicle Registration Withholding Fee that applies when a hold against license plate registration renewal is placed with the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles. This fee is paid directly to the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles.
  • Accounts with citations older than six months will automatically be referred to a collections agency.  Those unpaid citations will incur an additional 20% fee.
  • The best way to avoid costly fees is to pay citations promptly and timely.

Where do I park to attend court in downtown?

  • There is no free parking for those attending court.   On-street parking is a limited resource in downtown and is intended for short term parking only.  As court cases may take longer than intended, we suggest off-street parking in the nearby off-street lots.  Other PARK Roanoke garages offer parking for as little as $1 per one half hour.

If you believe you may have an unpaid parking citation, please request a statement or  contact  PARK Roanoke at (540) 343-0585 for more information.

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