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Information on resolving a citation

Parking citations are not criminal offenses and do not count against your driving record.   Citations are civil penalties that are the liability of the owner of the vehicle.   Once a citation is issued, it is the responsibility of the driver or owner of the vehicle to respond to the facts presented on the citation. 

There are two levels of appeal and review.   The first level is an administrative review by PARK Roanoke.  This allows us to dismiss the citation if there are facts, events or circumstances that were unknown to the issuing officer that may affect the validity of the citation. For an appeal to be successful, there must be substantial and valid evidence that the parking violation was not committed, it occurred due to circumstances beyond the driver’s control, or there were other extraordinary circumstances that should be considered.   Requests for the administrative review must be received (postmarked) within 10 days from the citation issuance date.  

The second level of review is to General District Traffic Court.    PARK Roanoke will establish the court date and prepare the necessary documents for court appearance. Please be advised that with appeals to court that additional court costs may apply.  Note:  only citations less than 60 days old from the citation issuance date may be appealed to court.

Fines do not increase while the appeal is under review. 

Appeals may be submitted online, via postal mail or in our office.  When submitting your appeal, please answer the following:

  1. Is the information on the citation accurate?
  2. Did the driver comply with the relevant parking regulation?
  3. Were there extenuating circumstances that prevented the driver from complying with the relevant parking regulation, and if so, did the driver take reasonable and timely steps to cure the violation? Include supporting documentation such as a police report, accident report, auto repair invoice, etc…
  4. Explain how the driver’s action did not constitute a violation by applying the parking regulation in question to the facts presented in the appeal.
  5. If the appeal is for a disabled parking violation and the driver has a valid disabled placard, please attach a copy of both the disabled placard and DMV issued wallet card.

Persons appealing their citation may present evidence to support their position that the citation should be dismissed.    Photo sizes should be reduced for emailing.  Large file sizes will not upload.  Additional information may be emailed to [email protected] Please be concise and clear as possible.   Photos and documentation may also be faxed to PARK Roanoke at (540) 342-6447.  When faxing or emailing, please include your name and the citation number.

Parking ticket payments made on citations that are on appeal represent your wish to admit responsibility for the citation and will not be refunded.  The postmark for a payment is accepted as evidence of a timely payment.

Notice of the decision will be mailed via postal mail or e-mail regardless of the outcome.   Therefore, please provide an accurate mailing and e-mail address for the appeal response.   Appeal notices will be e-mailed unless otherwise specified or if no valid e-mail address is provided.

The following are generally invalid reasons for contesting a parking citation:

  • Lack of knowledge of the city’s Parking Regulations
  • Failure to notice or read the parking signs
  • Inability to find a valid, convenient parking space
  • Observing other vehicles illegally parked
  • Late to meeting, interview or appointment etc…
  • Meeting, event, appointment lasted longer than expected
  • Busy and forgot to move my car
  • Someone else driving your vehicle 
  • Hazard lights (flashers) were on
  • There was a passenger left in the vehicle
  • There were no curb markings or paint
  • Inability to pay the fine
  • Parking for a “short” period
  • No other place to park; other vehicles were parked there
  • Failure to properly display a permit or parking hangtag
  • Have not received citations in the past for the same violation

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