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Parking Regulations

PARK Roanoke hopes that you will please take a few moments to review general parking rules to ensure that you have a positive parking experience in the City of Roanoke.

On-street parking management and enforcement regulate parking for residents, visitors, merchants, and commuters for three primary reasons:

  1.  To promote commerce and area businesses by ensuring frequent space turnover,
  2. To promote public safety by regulating where parking is prohibited such as in front of fire hydrants, intersections, and other public access points.
  3. To promote the quality of life by restricting access in area neighborhoods, prohibiting parking on sidewalks or crosswalks, ensuring travel lanes are clear, and protecting parking spaces for the disabled.

Chapter 20 of the Code of the City of Roanoke (Motor Vehicles), Article IV (Stopping, Standing and Parking) On-Street parking contains many of the ordinances related to the parking of vehicles on city streets, and in neighborhoods.

Generally, did you know that its prohibited to park or leave a vehicle in the following places…….?

  • On a street within five (5) feet in any direction of a private or public driveway
  • Within an intersection
  • A distance of no further than 12” from any curb
  • Within twenty (20) feet of an intersection curb line, and if no curb, with fifteen (15) feet of the intersection
  • On the roadway parallel to any vehicle parked at the street edge or curb
  • Within a designated bus stop or crosswalk
  • In an area designated for street cleaning
  • Within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant
  • Within five hundred (500) feet of any fire apparatus stopped to answer a fire alarm
  • On a sidewalk where a curb exists or not, in the median strip between the curb and adjoining sidewalk, over the curb on public property, on a sidewalk where there is no curb,  or on/in a pedestrian crosswalk or safety zone
  • Vehicles must park at least 4 feet apart from another vehicle otherwise, they may be issued a citation for parking Too Close to a Parked vehicle.
  • Disabled Placards must be hung from the rear view mirror and not displayed on the dash.
  • And, Curbs are never painted to indicate no parking or parking zones – it’s prohibited by the City Code.

Here is a detailed Listing of Parking Fines

Warning Citations  are issued for first time violations in timed, on-street parking zones, parking within a designated loading zone, and parking or stopping in a no-parking zone.   Warning Citations are never issued for violations such as parking in a fire lane or illegally parking in a disabled space.  Also, if a vehicle remains parked in violation after a warning citation has been issued, a parking citation with a monetary fine may be subsequently issued, up to three citations per day.   

Repeat parking violators who receive multiple citations daily may receive escalating fines. The first violation is $20, the second violation within the same day increases to $30, and the third and subsequent violation on the same day are $45. This fine structure works to discourage repeat violations and to encourage motorists to secure proper off-street parking for long term parking needs.

The Code of the City of Roanoke 20-67 (g) states that… It shall be unlawful for any person to park a vehicle or motorcycle under the person’s control to be parked for a time period longer than that specified on regulatory traffic signs without either:  (1) moving the vehicle a minimum of 500 feet from the parking space or zone and vacating the original parking space or zone for at least 2 hours. This helps keep short term parking available for everyone and its important to business and visitors alike.  

Please Note,  Section 20-67 (h) states that it shall be unlawful to erase, remove or cover up any chalk mark placed for identification purposes upon any vehicle…without removing such vehicle from a parking space or zone in such a manner that the space is completely vacated by that vehicle from that side of the street within that same block or zone, in accordance with subsection (g) listed above.

Following these general parking rules will ensure that you have a positive parking experience while visiting the City or its neighborhoods. And remember, when you follow these simple rules, you are not only obeying the law, you are being a good citizen and neighbor!

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