Parking Services for Roanoke, VA

Warning Citations

Everyone makes a mistake now and again,  and especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. That’s why in 2005, the City of Roanoke began issuing Warning Citations for first time overtime parking violations.warning ticket

Warning Citations are issued in certain circumstances for a first time parking violation.  This applies to motorists who have never before received a citations in the City of Roanoke.   The one-time warning citation includes a flyer with information about off-street parking facilities.

Warning citations are written for “timed” parking zones violations only.   They are never issued for parking violations in fire lanes, disabled zones or in no-parking zones.   If a vehicle remains parked in violation of a parking ordinance, a monetary fine citation may be issued even if a warning citation was issued during the same day.

We want everyone to have an enjoyable parking experience.  Please take a minute to learn more about parking regulations and off-street parking facilities.    Please contact PARK Roanoke at (540) 343-0585 or email us at [email protected] for more information.