Parking Services for Roanoke, VA

Validation Program

Show customers your appreciation by providing free parking during their visit. PARK Roanoke offers two convenient options from its validation program.

A. Pre-paid Validation stickers (Paid in advance and not “billed-back”)

Validation Decal

Validation Decal

This program allows businesses to pay for their customers parking through the purchase of books of validation stickers in increments equal to currency. Stickers may be purchased in monetary units from the PARK Roanoke office located at 117 Church Avenue. Depending on the parking facility, the costs are from $0.50 to $1.00 per one half hour and up to $8.00 per day. Stickers are sold in monetary units ranging from $0.50 to $8.00 per sticker, in books of 100. Purchases of $200.00 or more qualify for a 10% discount. Stickers are valid in all PARK Roanoke garages that allow daily parking. These are not honored in surface lots.  Please visit our office to pay by check or credit card. Upon request, an invoice may be mailed. Advance payment is required before stickers will be issued.

B. Billed Back Validation (no stickers needed for validation)

This program provides a billed-back option to businesses that wish to validate parking for their customers.  The merchant’s customer enters the parking garage and obtains a ticket.  An authorized person applies a rubber stamp or signs the back of the ticket to identify the business.  When the customer exits the parking garage, they submit the validated ticket to the attendant, and exit the garage at no cost.  At the end of each month, the authorized account is billed for the customers’ parking charges for that time period. A 15% surcharge will be added to the invoice for this service. The invoice may be paid via check or credit card.  Please visit our office to pay by credit card.

Here is more information about the Merchant Validation Program  and a Downloadable Validation Window Sign to let your customers know that you participate in the program!

It’s easy to sign-up! Print and complete this Merchant Validation Agreement Form and return it to us at the address below.

 Read the February edition of Biz News – The feature article is about how the Validation Program is a Win/Win for everyone!

For more information, contact: 
PARK Roanoke
117 Church Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA 24011
(540) 343-0585
(540) 342-6447 FAX
Email: [email protected]