Parking Services for Roanoke, VA

Inclement Weather Parking

It’s Snowing— Where do I park?

Winter View from Elmwood Park Garage Rooftop

Winter View from Elmwood Park Garage Rooftop

Sun, Snow, Rain or Shine— PARK Roanoke offers available parking in its parking garages and surface lots.   If you are interested in keeping your vehicle out of these elements, including snow and ice, you may wish to consider parking in one of our five garages.   Give us a call at (540) 343-0585!

PARK Roanoke works to ensure that parking is always available, even during inclement weather.   Plowing begins after two inches of snow or ice has fallen and in the event of overnight snowfall, the lots are cleared as early as possible.   Snow is also plowed at entrances and exits to garages and on the roof tops.

If due to a snowfall event, your garage parking space is unavailable, please contact the garage attendant and they will direct you to another location for parking.  In the rare event that garage rooftop parking is restricted due to snow/ice, patrons may park in spaces reserved for daily parking.  If your surface lot parking space is unavailable, please call our office at 540-343-0585 and we will direct you to alternative parking.  

PARK Roanoke encourages you to park off the street in the nearby garages and lots  so that streets may be plowed and cleared during winter weather.

Please note:  When parking on the street during snow, ice or other precipitation,  time limits, fire lanes, disabled  parking,  and no parking zones will continue to be enforced.

For more information  Contact PARK Roanoke
117 Church Ave., SW
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