Parking Services for Roanoke, VA

Map & Locations

Need to find parking close to your destination?   Here is a  PARK Roanoke map showing our locations:  (Click to enlarge)

PARK Roanoke Map 2015

Construction update 08/05/2021                 

Market Street Walkway; South Pavilion Escalator Replacement

Estimated start of construction Mid-August 2021

Please use Tower Garage elevators and steps to access the walkway to and from Market Street.

Any questions please call the Office of the City Engineer, 540-853-2731

To request a monthly parking permit,  please use our  PARK Roanoke Online Parking Request Feature.

Here is a listing of landmarks and points of interest along with the closest parking facility:

  • Park at Gainsboro Garage  for visiting:     Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center, Dumas Center, Higher Education Center, Children’s Theater, Claude Moore Education Complex
  • Park at Tower Garage for visiting:   Market Building, Taubman Museum of Art, Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, O Winston Link Museum
  • Park at Center in the Square Garage, Tower Garage or Market Lot for visiting:  Center in the Square and Museums
  • For shopping, dining, visiting or working in Downtown near the Farmer’s Market consider these parking locations:   Tower Garage, Market Garage, Market Lot, Center in the Square Garage or Gainsboro Garage
  • Park at Church Avenue Garage for visiting: the Municipal Building, City Courthouse, and restaurants or businesses near 1st and 2nd Street including the historic Texas Tavern
  • Park at Campbell Garage for visiting:  the Jefferson Center,  the Sheriff’s Office, the Police Department, the Municipal Building or Courthouse complex and the Virginia Museum of Transportation;   This garage is also convenient to dining and shopping along Salem Avenue as well as for 3rd to 6th street. 
  • Park at Market Garage, Church Avenue Garage or Market Lot for visiting, dining or shopping along Jefferson Street and it’s just a short walk to the Market Area.
  • Park at Elmwood Park Garage or  Elmwood Lot  for visiting the Civic Center, these offer free parking all day on Saturday, Sunday, and M-F after 5:00 p.m.

For more information contact PARK Roanoke at (540) 343-0585.